Various works by Kei Acedera

Kei Acedera lives in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Her whimsical works have been part of the character design process for Tim Burton’s 2010 adaption of Alice and Wonderland.

The thing I’ve discovered over the past years is that there’s a big difference between being able to draw and being an artist. Drawing is just an ability to do something, whereas being an artist is a definition of self. If you want to truly be an artist, you must be obsessive and passionate about art. Being able to draw is just the beginning. (Interview with Kei Acedera)

"Dream big and work hard…"

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Holiday Snaps

Stephen is a photographer from Paisley, rainy Scottland exploring the beautiness of andalucian custom and handmade typography. Throughout the whole region there is a fair amount of signage in a state of beautiful disrepair – wooden and metal signs start to deteriorate quite rapidly under such harsh sunlight but it’s that same sunlight that brings out the textures and the colours so much. He says:”I remember reading about how William Eggleston elevated the everyday to levels of grandeur – and also his work with dye transfers added that extra dimension. For me it’s the same with this signage – my job is half done by the simple combination of beautiful letters and vivid sunlight. It’s hard to go wrong.” We love his sensibility for typography and the eye for the right moment. Enjoy his snaps!

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